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Discover samples from European and Quebec designers at a discount. You will find our merchandise different from what is usually seen in maternity stores and in children’s clothing departments.

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A unique shop to discover
It has already been five years, since I started visiting the Enfantillon shop a few times a year. I
live in Montreal and it's never really on my way, but it's a detour that I take with great pleasure because this shop has a unique appeal that I can’t find elsewhere.
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Choosing Collections
From the moment you set foot at L’Enfantillon, you are struck by how truly unique and distinctive the clothes are. You experience awe as your fingers feel the quality of the fabric. You go through the rows of clothing wondering where such great pieces were found, and having a sense of foolishness for not having […]
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The Secret Behind a Great Maternity Wardrobe
The first time I set foot in a maternity clothing store, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was constantly wondering whether I had to buy clothes that fit me at the time of purchase, or choose a few sizes larger for what would be coming in the following months. I didn’t want to […]
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A New Address for L’Enfantillon
A little less than a month ago, Caroline Cloutier, L’Enfantillon’s owner, was telling me about moving the store to a new location. I expected, wrongly so, that the change would occur sometime in the spring. « We’re moving in less than a month», she said, leaving me stunned. Could it be possible to be ready in […]
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Diesel Is Making a Grand Entrance at l’Enfantillon
Diesel is a prestigious brand. Around the world, it’s 5000 points of sale and 300 brand stores in over 80 countries. That is, to say the least, quite impressive considering that its founder Renzo Rosso is an Italian farmer’s child who designed his first pair of jeans at the age of 15. Because denim is […]
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