When you’re a parent and you go out with baby, it’s not always easy to know what to bring. Either you bring too many things, or you forget some! To help you, we have decided to prepare a small list of our essential products to always have on hand. Good reading!  

Our Mini Totem Diaper Bag


This vegan leather maternity bag has 7 exterior pockets and 8 interior pockets, as well as 2 straps so you can attach it to your stroller! Includes a changing mat covered in vegan leather with a waterproof nylon interior.

Our Care Essentials

It is important to always have the small essential care products for your baby on hand. Here are the ones we recommend:

– Lolo & Moi olive oil liniment: ideal for cleaning baby’s buttocks, it moisturizes and relieves irritation due to dry skin.


– Douce Mousse diaper cream: perfect for soothing diaper rash.


– Other small essentials: diapers, wipes, painkillers, thermometer, nasal aspirator, etc.

Find all the products you need here:   

We also advise you to always have an extra pacifier on hand! Mushie’s pacifier case keeps baby’s pacifier clean and ready to use quickly.  

Our Muslin Blankets

Mushie’s little swaddle blankets are also a “must have” in your diaper bag! Used for many things, they are also perfect for breastfeeding. An essential for outings!  

Spare Clothes

With a baby, it is essential to have a change of clothes in case something goes wrong! We love Mebie Baby’s two-piece set! It is comfortable and soft, in addition to slipping easily into the diaper bag!

Another favourite of ours: Les Petits Tousi slippers, ideal when the temperatures are changing and unstable. They take up little space and keep baby’s feet warm when needed!  

Little Games

In order to keep baby occupied during your outings, slip small teething and awakening games, such as rattles, stuffed animals and books, into your diaper bag. Your baby will have a blast!  


Happy outings with your baby!


Émilie, Les Essentiels

Laura’s mom