The benefits of skin-to-skin contact

Imagine this scene for a moment: after hours of hard work, you can finally hold your baby close to you. As soon as your skin touches theirs, the magic happens. Suddenly, the indescribable bond that united you to your unborn child becomes more concrete than ever, just as powerful, but different.

Incredible, isn’t it? That said, skin-to-skin contact offers several other unexpected benefits.

The benefits for your baby

  • Body temperature is regulated by the transmission of heat.
  • Breathing and heart rate are stabilized.
  • Crying is less frequent and does not last as long.
  • The baby’s sleep is more restorative.
  • Less pain is experienced by the baby during injections and other medical procedures.
  • The child is inclined to latch on instinctively.
  • The baby feels more secure, immediately recognizing your heartbeat and your smell.

The benefits for you

  • You feel less stress.
  • Your post-childbirth recovery is going better.
  • The unique bond with your child is strengthened.
  • Breastfeeding is made easier because the reflex to eject milk is stimulated.
  • You have more confidence in your parenting abilities.
  • The risk of uterine hemorrhage is reduced.

The benefits for the other parent

  • They develop a feeling of parental competence.
  • They become more sensitive to the needs of the baby due to their physical proximity.
  • They develop a unique relationship with the baby.
  • They have the opportunity to soothe the baby while having a memorable and intimate experience.
  • The skin-to-skin contact creates a beautiful contrast with the feeling of helplessness they may have experienced during pregnancy and childbirth.

In other words, skin-to-skin contact is an extremely positive practice that offers many benefits to babies and their parents. Make the most of these privileged moments; children grow up so fast!